Final session of 2018

We had a variety of sports and activities on offer at our last session of 2018 this afternoon!
Thank you to everyone who came along. We’ll be taking a break from our regular organised sessions but please remember that the Dell, goals and equipment is still there to be used over the winter!

July 2018 Session

We had a fantastic Dell session this afternoon, despite the slightly damp conditions! Thank you to all who came along.
We started off with some warmups, including a large-scale game of naughts and crosses, and ended with a World Cup style football match (the red team winning after penalties!).

Next session is on the 12th August which will be a special Shinty session – all abilities welcome!


First Session 2018


Our first session of 2018 is tomorrow, Sunday 8th April!

The weather is looking favourable with the potential for blue skies and sunshine – but bring warm clothes and a waterproof jacket just in case. Make sure to bring a snack and water bottle too.

As tomorrow is the first session, we will be asking participants (or their parents and guardians) to fill out a quick ‘Emergency Contact’ and ‘Photograph Permission’ form on arrival. Also, a remainder that we ask parents or guardians of children under primary school age to stay in attendance. But we are pleased to be able to offer these sessions to those of all ages, boys and girls! The sessions are not just open to those in the Kishorn area but to those from further afield too.

We have no set sport or activity for this first session. It will be a taster session including a ‘bit of everything’ and remember to let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to do. Likewise, if you have any questions send us an email to or private message us at

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow on the Dell in Kishorn between 1pm and 3pm.Session Dates 2018 version 2 image